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Love Winning

Love Winning cover.jpg

Mike Squatrito is the greatest knuckleball pitcher never to pitch in the Major Leagues. However, not making it to The Show did not stop his baseball career. Being an undersized athlete his whole life, Mike honed his skills and perfected one of the trickiest pitches to master. Facing hitters twice his size, Mike rose through the ranks of youth sports and organized leagues, leaving a trail of championships in his wake.

However, he could not do this all on his own. Mike’s journey brought him to the Rhode Island Brewers, a group of loveable, hard playing, beer guzzling, former ballplayers who had the same desire to win. And, win they did. The stories of state and national titles speak for themselves but the mini adventures that occurred along the way uniquely identified this team. The players so revered the game that they created a Constitution to fine those who broke team rules and it became part of their team’s folklore. Join Mike and his teammates on a wild and inspirational ride across the country in their quest to continue playing America’s Greatest Pastime and to just keep winning.

You can buy the book on Amazon or order a personalized copy directly from me.


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