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Senior Science Project: Earth

The July heat beat down upon the poor soul, the city’s summer stench filling the air. Something, though, tugged at the man’s spirit. It’s a bit too warm he thought as he gazed skyward ...

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Opportunity Lost

Kona Bali knew this would be an historic day as he climbed into his space suit.

Minutes later, he arrived from his decompression chamber and approached his landing craft.  A colleague helped adjust his sensory instruments before opening the hatch to the vehicle. “You will make us all proud today.” Kona nodded and smiled...

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Close Encounters of the Strange Kind

The summer moon rose from the horizon, providing enough light to allow me to deviate from my usual route. Zoe, my Australian Cattle dog, always enjoyed walking deeper into the woods instead of the usual asphalt neighborhood. The scents of the forest heightened her senses as we strolled further away from civilization...

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An Un-Fairy Tale

Pain. My shoulder’s shattered. A deep, stabbing ache in my side. The dome light’s on, the horn blaring in an otherwise silent forest setting. Blood. My head’s pounding, my forehead’s warm. The airbag’s pressed against my chest, the windshield smashed, there’s a pungent smell of fuel, and the hiss of steam.

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