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Take Your Dreams To Reality

Formerly Overlords Enterprises, our services branch offers a full variety of self publishing options, including ebook formatting, professional illustration, marketing and consulting.  Self publishing saves you money, increases the bottom line, expands reach, creates partnership opportunities and gives you a professional product ready for the bookshelf or any device!  We also love working with schools, libraries and groups doing presentations, workshops and more!


Our mission is to help authors achieve their goals by providing personal consulting and cutting edge resources in the areas of writing and publishing. 


Self Publishing Insight loves working with authors.  Our background and experts are authors themselves.  We offer some of the most competitive publishing rates in the industry.  We work with you directly and treat you like a human.  No project is too large or too small.  Our experts operate on a case-by-case basis.  

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Illustrations are the way to bring your book into the visual mind of your target audience.  Be they on the cover, the back cover, the interior, as part of your website or interwoven with other marketing materials - illustrations are a great way to capture further mind share. 


Self Publishing Insight's main illustrator is a professional with decades of experience in fine art, concept art and comic book art (including with both Marvel and DC comics!). 

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Turning your book into a digital tome is a must.  eBooks, combined with the ongoing growth of mobile devices, can vault your writings into the minds of a huge number of people.  Self Publishing Insight provides ebook formatting services, illustration, editing and marketing.

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Marketing cannot be underestimated nor it's importance overstated.  Just because you write the greatest novel in the history of humanity does not necessarily mean that anyone will read it.  Self Publishing Insight can help you get the word out to the masses.  Combining various approaches and tactics; including online marketing, search engine optimization, social media, public relations, events, etc. is essential for generating super saturation ratios. 

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One of the most important things that we do here at SPI is inspire children to be creative, believe in themselves, and write that story that they have in their head.  One way to accomplish this is by making school visits.  Subject matter ranges from "monster creation" to writing tips to self-publishing mastery.  We’ll gladly coordinate with you to schedule a trip or Skype session with your middle school, high school, or even college-level classes.  Self Publishing Insight provides a letter to the parents two weeks in advance that details the school visit.  Our people have been doing this for years.  We also always donate at least one Overlords book to the school’s library!

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Library presentations are typically student focused, but can also be for adult would-be authors, keying on more of the fundamentals of writing and crafting a novel.  These presentations are intended for those who wish to further their understanding of creative writing, where the expert gives an appropriate, hands-on approach to everything from "monster creation" to the Four-Pass editing technique. The goal is to inspire both kids and adults to complete their work.  The presentations are run with the coordination of the library, but they can be scheduled independently as well for visits outside of that venue.

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Self Publishing Insight's author workshops are intimate affairs, steeped in interaction, learning, deep concepts and taking your writing to the proverbial next level.  Be they structured as a one-time meeting or extended gatherings over a period of weeks, the expert leading the workshop(s) has decades of experience.  While we are availble to travel in the right situation, most workshops are offered in the New England area.

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One-on-one consulting is SPI's highest level of service.  It is here where nothing is more important then the individual who is you.  Your writing, your book(s), your thoughts, your goals, your dreams... all addressed, examined and taken to reality by our expert of 20 years. 


While we are based in New England - and can even travel to you under the right circumstances, using technology to connect with anyone, anywhere is always an option. 


We encourage you to contact us to find out more.  We are always happy to chat and look forward to getting to know you, your writing and what makes you great! 

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