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A Look Toward 2023

2022 was incredible in terms of Overlords book sales. What can I expect for 2023? I can make the best laid plans but another slip and fall can change everything again (I'm not planning on any more accidents!) I know that I'll most likely attend big events like Boskone 60, Fan Expo Denver, Fan Expo Boston, The Big E, Rhode Island Comic Con, and the RI Authors Expo. I'll probably do some smaller shows in between (like Necon LXI) but won't be doing a breweries tour -- time to give that a break. Look for me pushing the ARIA Academy, a place where online workshops and presentations geared to the literary community will come into its own in 2023. Aside from that and rehabbing my shoulder, I do have a few story outlines written and waiting to go. I'll probably continue my End of Days apocalyptical storyline. I guess all I can say is stay tuned and look for more things from me in the coming year.

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