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Overlords Holiday Sale!

The holiday season is upon us and there's still time to order your Overlords books! With Amazon Prime's new Lord of the Rings Rings of Power series, HBO's prequel to Game of Thrones The House of the Dragon series, and the multitude of Disney+ Marvel and Star Wars series, science fiction, fantasy, and adventure stories are HOT right now. That said, why not try the next great epic fantasy story? The Overlords Fantasy Book Series is an epic fantasy story with heavy D+D overtones, written at a Harry Potter level so 5th graders on up can enjoy it, and with the characters influenced by the original Star Wars cast. Oh, and there are lots of dragons!

The personalized and signed four-book set can be had for $50 (plus S/H) -- a steal! Simply click this Overlords link to see the books and click this next link to contact me about your purchase. Here's wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas, Festive Holidays, and a very Happy 2023!!!

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