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Comic Cons Are King!

I know that I've mentioned in the past that I sell a ton of Overlords books at Comic Cons and big events. This year was no different and, believe it or not, better than in years past. Maybe it's the post-COVID era, or the rise in science fiction and fantasy series streaming or in theaters, but something has definitely happened that helped thrust The Overlords into the spotlight. It also doesn't hurt that my series is complete and reasonably priced.

Starting with the Tampa Bay Comic Con this past July, I sold a then-record 39 books at the three-day event. Fortunately, that record was short-lived. Two weeks later, I sold a whopping 81 books at Fan Expo Boston! A month and a half later, I was the featured author in the Rhode Island building at The Big E on October 1st. 96 books later and another record was set! In November, I attended Rhode Island Comic Con and proceeded to sell 42 more Overlords books. I've already sold more books in 2022 than any other year except for 2006, the year my first book came out. With the RI Author Expo tomorrow (12/2) followed by the Christmas season I have a realistic chance of selling 300+ books for the year!

Why do I mention all of this? If you're a sci-fi/fantasy/paranormal/etc. author, seriously consider selling your books at these big events and forgo the smaller ones. It might cost a little more but the potential upside is astounding.

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