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Getting Back Out There

There's no way to say it. The pandemic was, or is, still scary but it's time to embrace the fact that COVID-19 is here to stay. Like the flu and common cold, COVID has become endemic (even if the CDC or governments won't officially say so) and we have to live our lives with it. That said, going to large venues, such as Comic Cons, concerts, weddings, corporate gatherings, etc. will always come with a heightened risk of infection. However, there are things we all can do and I want to let you know what I have embraced.

I'm a science and math guy, being an engineer during the day, and carefully monitored the vaccine push from the get go and took it when I was eligible. I know many folks are hesitant and rightfully so. A lot of people say it was rushed on the public without long term ramifications in mind. I have a different take on the word "rushed". The process was not rushed, it was accelerated. Let me explain. When COVID ran rampart through the global community, all infectious disease research agencies pretty much stopped what they were doing and turned their attention to the virus that had ripped through our society, Scientists across the globe focused on the same task, that being to provide us with a weapon to keep people alive, out of the hospital, and minimize the effects of this terrible disease. Researchers worked around the clock every day for months on end, analyzing data, working control groups, waiting for results, and going back to the drawing board. During that time, manufacturing companies readied the syringes, needles, and bottles that would be used to fill and administer the vaccine when it was ready. Shipping companies readied their planes, trucks, and delivery vans to move the product to vaccination centers around the globe. What appeared rushed was the human race taking charge of COVID-19 instead of letting our people get sick, go to the hospital, or die.

Now I'm no doctor and I'm not telling you what to do, I just wanted to let you know how I feel about this situation. Being boosted, I have no problems going to Comic Cons to meet my fans but I do try to limit my close contact social interactions, stay away from people if I feel sick (allergies this season have been fun!), and respect other people's space. I'll wear a mask if people or situations dictate. Everyone has a choice to make and I respect that. But I'm also not afraid to do the things that I love to do and hope you aren't afraid either. I'm looking forward to seeing you at a venue soon!

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