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Thinking Outside of the Box

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

You just released your latest novel and you’re ready to start you book signing tour. First thing you do is line up bookstores and libraries to hold your event, right? Wrong! Though bookstores and libraries are viable options for most folks, you need to ask yourself “What is my book about and where is that audience?” It’s safe to say that book lovers will gravitate to bookstores and libraries. However, when thinking about venues it’s always good practice to think outside the box. For example, I recently published my baseball memoir, Love Winning, which is my story growing up as a skinny knuckleball pitcher who just happens to be on teams that win lots of championships, along with all the stories and teammates that went along with them. Where did I begin my book signing tour? At a brewery, of course! While gauging my audience, I took into account baseball lovers, summertime, and drinking beer – my team was called the Rhode Island Brewers for crying out loud! I put together a “Books, Baseball, and Breweries” book signing tour that combined baseball, my new book, and seven of RI’s finest breweries. The establishments loved the idea, my friends, family, teammates, and fellow league players drink beer, and hey, they all bought books! Do you have a story with a unique flair? If you write horror, how about signing books at a spooky, haunted house? Write cookbooks? How about pairing a signing with some of your favorite local restaurants? I’m sure they’d love the free advertising and additional patrons that come along with you. Did you put together a comic book? Then attending a Comic Con is for you! So, think about how best to market your book and find unique venues for a book signing tour. Remember, you’ll always have bookstores and libraries to fall back on as well.

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